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Certified NLP / HNLP Coach Practitioner Training - Mallorca

11/03/2013 10:00
11/09/2013 18:00
Coach Training Coach Training
Mallorca, Spain
Finca Can Estades country hotel, Calvià.
Spaces Available: 

Learn to master intrinsic coaching processes and multi-level communication to facilitate core change, enhanced performance, Self empowerment, Self motivation, Self Leadership & Self healing.

7 days of live training, coaching and supervision with training videos from previous courses plus your full NLP Practitioner and HNLP Coach manual provided upon enrollment. Includes ongoing telephone and email support.
Exclusive course - 8 places only! Plenty personal attention in our idyllic environment for learning and personal development. We cater for your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual preferences.

"Never would I have guessed how far a change can go. I have lived a life of wonder since doing this NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training!" -Reneé Brand, LIfe Coach, South Africa-

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This training course will provide you with cutting edge NLP and HNLP Practitioner skills designed for Coaching. You will also learn and experience pioneering approaches to successful coaching which prove to be the real difference that makes the difference. For more information about NLP and HNLP click here.

Having attended this unique training course you will be eligible for 3 internationally recognized certifications: NLP Practitioner, HNLP Practitioner and HNLP Coach. Completion of this training entitles you to attend an optional extra 2 days of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy certification training. If you enrol for both the NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training and the Ericksonian Hypnotherapy certification training , you will get the Ericksonian Hypnotherapy certification training at half price.

The NLP / HNLP Coach Practitioner Training is for the busy professional who wants the newest streamlined coaching practitioner training developed by John Overdurf - a recognised leader in the NLP and Coaching fields. This state-of-the-art training is taught in Europe and South Africa by Jevon Dängeli - a certified Coach, Trainer of NLP, HNLP and Hypnotherapy and developer of the Authentic Self Empowerment™ method.

This course is followed directly by an optional 2 days of Hypnotherapy training (11-12 November).

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How does the training work?

When you register for this training you will receive your entire course manual in PDF format with John Overdurf’s full length NLP / HNLP Coach Practitioner Training recording on MP3. Listening to the course recording in advance will assist you in developing a familiarity with the information and the skills to maximise your learning and enjoyment during the live 7 day training. By the time you attend the live event, your familiarity will enable you to be more “hands on” and poised to benefit from the accelerated learning processes. The course audio set serves as your pre- and post reference for the training to further integrate your learnings.

What are the benefits of this training?

Whether you are new to NLP or you are already a NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner or Coach, you'll benefit from the strong emphasis on how to conversationally coach the unconscious mind. 

Neuro-science has long known that our unconscious functioning precedes conscious awareness by a 1/2 second. This means that most if not all coaching issues like motivation and procrastination, indecision, conflicting priorities, burnout and overwhelm and performance anxiety are a result of automatic (unconscious) reactions and patterns which occur before conscious awareness. Amazingly, though, most coaching programs available today rely heavily on conscious processing through questioning, analysis, and tasking. It's like trying to steer a train by asking someone in the last car to change the direction of the entire train. It simply won't work. This training will teach you how to work with unconscious processes that are at the root of most coaching issues, yet do it in a natural, conversational way that makes this approach adaptable to any context.

What is included in the NLP / HNLP Coach Practitioner Training?

A sampling of Coaching Topics covered:

  • What is Coaching and How Does it Differ From Therapy and Consulting?
  • What does NLP/HNLP have to Offer the Coaching Field?
  • HNLP Coaching Overview
  • HNLP Conversational Change Model
  • Conversational elicitation of strategies
  • Conversational elicitation of outcomes
  • Determining unconscious congruence and motivation
  • Utilization of naturally occurring states to create powerful change
  • How to enter and maintain the Optimal Coaching State
  • Integrate transformative, non-linear and hypnotic language patterns into your coaching work
  • Conversational approaches to installing and testing remedial and generative strategies
  • Beyond Goals - Why Goals Don't Work and What Does!
  • The Most Common Coaching Issues and How to Deal with Them effectively
  • Tips on how to start your own successful coaching practice

And lots more...

A sampling of the NLP Topics covered and applied directly to coaching:

  • Sensory acuity-how do develop extraordinary skill in reading other's unconscious processing through eye accessing, voice qualities, and physiology
  • Rapport - New advanced HNLP processes to develop rapid natural states of rapport
  • Linguistic skills applied specifically to coaching
  • How to ask the right questions at the right time to create a change in the listener's perception as well as language patterns to facilitate unconscious receptivity in the listener
  • Anchoring - processes to create significant and instantaneous shifts in emotional states in ourselves and others
  • Sub-Modalities - techniques for changing and revising the coding system the brain uses to create meaning
  • Alignment and Parts Integration - techniques to create core change

And lots more...

The training will be highly experiential with plenty of group inductions, demonstrations, exercises and discussions in a fun, easy-going and stimulating environment.

"Doing the NLP with you guys has certainly opened my mind up to all the different opportunities that are there for us if we allow ourselves to be open to change. Thank you for that gift! I don´t think I could have found a better trainer than Jevon ANYWHERE and I enjoyed the sense of belonging to a very special group of people. The skills that I have learned are going to benefit me in every area of my life. Thank you!!!" -Sandy Attrill, Guest House Owner-

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For accreditation, see below.

Optional NLP & HNLP Practitioner Certification

This is a streamlined training. During the 7 day live NLP / HNLP Coach Practitioner part of the course only the NLP information directly relevant to coaching will be presented. If you are not already an NLP Practitioner, you must have watched all the pre-course training videos and completed each video’s review prior to attending the live training. Other criteria include:

  • Successful completion of the live 7 day training
  • Completion of written review
  • Signed Ethics agreement
  • €80,00 Certification fee each

Optional HNLP Coaching Certification

  • Successful completion of HNLP Coaching Practicum / Evaluation
  • Signed Ethics Agreement
  • €80,00 Certification fee

Optional Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certification

  • Successful completion of the live 7 day training (including NLP and  HNLP Practitioner Certification) plus additional 2 days of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy training
  • Signed Ethics Agreement
  • €80,00 Certification fee

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Training review options:

If you have  previously attended this course you may review any one or all of the training days at  € 40,00 per day.

If you have NLP Practitioner Training Certification from another NLP school, you may review any one or all of the NLP specific training days at € 60,00 per day.

The review price includes refreshments and lunch.

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Our NLP, HNLP & Coach certification is recognised and approved by The International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors and The International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.
"This course is FABULOUS! I experienced a complete paradigm shift. Jevon you are an angel."
-Yvonne Teixeira, Sales manager-

"This is the best course I have ever attended! Jevon, you are great! I grew a lot as a person and learned many things. Thanks!"
-John Jacobs, Polygraph annalist-

"THANKS SO MUCH for the amazing course! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned SO much. I feel really priviledged to have gained such incredible knowledge."
-Denise Samuelson, Mother-

"Any person who is at a crossroad in their life will benefit from this NLP course! I had fun! Now I know there is no mountain that is too high!"
-Sharon Essendrup, Business owner-

"This course showed me that there are no limits. Thank you for this enlightenment Jevon and Jana, and for the wonderful energy you brought into my life."
-Roberto Sabatino, Director-

"The entire course was absolutely fantastic. The energy was amazing and I enjoyed the practical applications very much. Thanks Jevon and Jana for sharing your passion."
-Eugene Opperman, Attorney-

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